My name is Richard Burridge and I provide a FREE accountability service that helps people to be consistent at doing things like:

- Exercise. 

- Marketing activity.

- Posting on LinkedIn. 

- Reading books.

- Writing.

- Meditating. 

Yes, it really is 100% FREE. But why? 

2 reasons. 

The first is that I want to increase the number of testimonials that I have from people that have got really good results from my service. 

The second is that if I help you to get some really good results, then you might end up telling other people about my service and that might help me to generate paying customers for the service later down the line. 

So think about your answer to the following question. 

What would you like to be more consistent at doing? 

If you can think of something, then fill in the form below. 

If you have any questions, or you would like to find out more about how the service works, then connect with me on LinkedIn.

FREE Accountability Service